The Firm has lawyers who specialize in labor and industrial relations.  It offers dispute-preventive counseling and represents clients in collective bargaining negotiations, grievance proceedings, mediation/conciliation proceedings, voluntary and compulsory arbitration proceedings and certification election cases.  It also provides legal advice on and assistance in disciplinary administrative proceedings, workforce reduction and compliance with mandated labor standards. The Firm is also extensively involved in the preparation and review of all employment-related contracts and company policies and manuals.

The Firm also handles administrative cases on unfair labor practices and counsels clients on separation, retirement and benefit claims.

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Romeo Johann I. Fernandez
Deogracias G. Fellone
Luis S. Clemente


PBR assists its clients in the admission and registration of their expatriate employees.  We process applications for alien employment permits and immigrant and non-immigrant visas, including student, employment, missionary, special non-immigrant and retirement visa.  We also handle applications for investors’ visas and special work permits.  We secure the immigration clearance, prepare the documentation, assist our clients during hearings on their visa applications and implement the visa upon issuance, i.e., securing of the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR iCard). We monitor our clients’ compliance with the annual report requirement of the Bureau of Immigration.

Our Firm also advises on and assist clients in applying for dual citizenship and recognition of Philippine citizenship.

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Mario Luza Bautista
Marie Cecile Roque-Quintos